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As a parent I am completely at peace when I leave my 2.5 yr old in Bhatukalee . The staff is very just awesome and my son feels like going to school even on Sunday. 😁.

On a serious note, Bhatukalee takes even a slightest concern of parents very seriously. Couple of weeks back, i just pointed out a place where security can be reinforced and in short time the management didn't only addressed the concern raised but took few additional safety measures.

Teachers here send pics of my son ensuring i don't miss some of precious moments of my kids growth phases. If I am late, they feed him an extra meal without even me requesting them.

In all they don't see our kids as a revenue avenue. They are genuinely concerned and they show it by their acts and not be any advertisement.

Adwait Sarnobat

As they say "Kids' own world" and I think they do mean it. I am father of Neil Deshpande happy to write this that we had started sending Neil to Bhatukalee when he was just 7 month old. Like other we too were worried if Neil can manage to stay and would we have tension free hours spending at work. To our wonder right from the first day Neil did not feel he is staying apart from home, that much of love, care he got from the Bhatukalee staff and specially all the maushi's there. This was one part on the other hand we started noticing Neil's growth day by day. He was almost a year old and had started speaking so many words and even sentences. We could feel his love toward going to Bhatukalee on a regular basis. He used to get hygienic, hand made and lovely food from all the maushi's. Credit do goes to Bhatukalee staff that Neil started eating everything. Since our experience was so great that we decided to not send Neil to any other high-end schools for his pre-schoolig and continue Bhatukalee's school when he was 2.5 year old. I can definitely say that our decision was right and Neil learnt more than what we expected. Prachi teacher and Ashwini teacher many thanks to you for the growth in Neil that we can see. Toilet manners, eating on his own, sharing things with others, loving all, not showing his anger on anyone, mixing up with almost everyone are some of the highlights from his schooling. All the monthly activities which were part of schooling was great and we used to be surprise whenever we get his activity book / sheet at the end of every month. Kudos to Vaishali mam and her team for all the efforts they are taking to run Bhatukalee successfully.

All the very best for future and we do look forward for Neil to spend some time in Bhatukalee.

Ninad and Ketaki Deshpande (Parents of Neil Deshpande)

My daughters Urvi and Mrunmayee go to Bhatuklee Day Care Centre. We are very happy to see both of them being treated like home at Bhatuklee. The staff is very courteous and well trained. The food menu is pretty nutritious and loved by my daughters. Thank you for the great day care centre.

Aniruddha Mahajan

Mrunmayee's Parent

I just wanted to take the time and thank everyone at Bhatukalee Daycare for taking great care of our son Atmaj Ghodke. It gives us great peace of mind to know that he is in good hands while we're at work.Its been 3 years now Atmaj is going to this daycare. The staff is very friendly and understanding (even mavshis there take great care of kids). All the activities, evening shloks, play time, nap time are properly scheduled.

Food provided is also healthy and balanced food as per all kids requirement, my kid loves having purnacha modak :) Also, they keep proper attention on individual kid. Most importantly anytime I call, i can talk to my kid so dont feel much disconnected from him and also get extra bit of information about what he is doing from staff over there.

Deepti Palkar

Atmaj Ghodke's Parent

My daughter has been admitted to 'Bhatukli' since she was 8 month old. From the first day she is getting love , care , proper attention & respectfull treatment. Result of it is till now She has not cryed a single day while going to Bhatukli. Infact she loves to go there & miss Bhatukli on the holidays!

Bhatukli is like a second home for my only daughter. She enjoys playing with all her best friends over there. She even loves to talk with all staff members too. Bhatukli take a good care of food. They provide nutritious food to kids in proper time slots. So the kids over there are seen satisfyed & active through out the day! Children learn many good habbits & social behavioural manners from this healthy environment. All bhatukli staff is very keen about kid's all round development. We love & enjoy cultural events & gatherings celebrated at Bhatukli. We send our kid very confidantly at such a safe & carring environment. I must say that its much more than a 'day care center'. And i am sure after few years even Adrita would be proud of being a kid taken care by Bhatukli. Thank u Bhatukli team. And wish u all sucsess ahead.


Adrita's Mom.

I regular get the feedbacks regarding his behaviour and extra efforts that teachers taking to shape vivaan. As a mom I am very happy that my son Vivaan got another home where everyone treat him as family member.. Happy with everyone I. E. All teachers, maushis and watchman bhaiya.. Especially Vivaan is very happy with Bhatuklee.I have really found a positive change in vivaan.

Vivaan's Parent

Where to begin?? We brought Nabha to Bhatukalee in Sept 2014, 3.4 years ago for some socialization, fun and learning, but what we got was so much more !!! We want to thank you for always welcoming us into your daycare family, for always taking time to know Nabha and what brings a smile to her face, and for always caring about her in the most nurturing, yet unexpected way. Faced with the task of finding quality daycare for our daughter ( 7 months at her age) that would leave us feeling confident she was in a safe , nurturing environment, we began to feel that we were looking for something that didn’t exist. Then we found Bhatukalee.

Their facility is clean, the food is healthy and nutritious, the activities are educational and fun, they have a massive open space, so the kids get plenty of exercise, and they communicate constantly with parent so you always know the progress of your child. Our daughter’s verbal, physical and social development has exploded while in their care over the last 3.3 years. They have shown tremendous patience with us while making the transition and have partnered with us in the raising of our daughter.

Thank you! We are so happy every day that we found your daycare. You take such amazing care of our daughter as promised. You have showered her with hugs and cuddles since the day she arrived. Your attention to detail, creativity, suggestions (food, toys, etc) and play environment are beyond what we could have hoped for. Your loving and caring home is the reason I feel comfortable being back at work. A day doesn’t go by, that I don’t sit at my desk and think the only reason I can be here and not at home is because I trust Nabha is having a wonderful time, is safe and so well cared for. In our eyes, Vaishali Madam, Maithilee, Prachi are masters at what you do! The combination of your professional and parenting experience placed in your unique daycare setting are a magical mix. We are so happy that we were able to get Nabha in your daycare and keep her so close to our house.

If you are lucky enough to find a space available at Bhatukalee, don’t pass it up.

Nina Shastri

Mahesh Shastri Mom.