Day Care

We Offer

Day-care services for 3 months old to 10 years old, Parent’s Stress Management sessions on weekends, Parent and Child counseling, Reading and Activity Club


  • Drawing and coloring.
  • Craft
  • Scientific Concepts
  • Story Telling
  • Music Therapy
  • Parent Counseling
  • Child Counseling
  • Parent Stress Management Sessions
  • Adventure Club Throughout Year

We care

  • Every center has a certified hospital and a pediatrician nearby.
  • Pest Control is done every 6 months.
  • Every staff member is verified by police for children’s safety.
  • Medical check-ups are conducted by authorized doctors every 6 months.
  • Quarterly check-ups are held for children and counseling for their parents.
  • Medical check-ups for staff are done every 6 months.

We provide helping hand to corporate companies with

  • A new law by the Central Government of India, demands organizations to have a day care facility or a tie-up with day-cares if they have more than 50 women employees.
  • Hence we are targeting corporate and corporate areas within the city.
  • To provide a healthy and a better environment for the young minds.
  • To reduce the parents’ load without compromising growth of their children